SpiffyNet Automation

Burn your remote, because its going to be a whole new ball game.

This page is pretty old. Sorry. Still mostly factual, however much of the phase two conceptualization has been pushed into the Object Platform.

SpiffyNet is all about control, specifically giving people back control of the devices in their home or office. We believe your power over your household appliaces shouldnt be dictated by how well you can decrypt your VCR, or the usage of some archaic device interaction scripting interface. Call us heretics, but we'd like to think anyone should be given any level of control they're capable of visualizing. You imagine it, the technology makes it possible.

So whats in order to manifest this hokie idea? It's a two part process really. First, we have to take control of our electronic world, or whatever corners of it we subject to our technological tinkering. Then we have to figure out in turn how to give that control back over the users, the people of this world: we must reconcieve interface.

The first parts pretty straight forward. We need to take control. Get the devices to a level where the keyboard cowboy code jockeys of the world can make the devices dance like they want. This part, while in no means trivial, is reducable to simple practice. The trick isnt even doing it, that part isnt even so hard, its doing it right. For this to be any more than a glimmering of a good idea, it needs to be extensible enough.

After we've taken control, its time to start bringing that control down in step to simpler levels. To do this, there needs to be some sort of fundamental revolution to the button pushing mentality. Because, frankly, whatever the cause, people have buttonphobia. Light switches cause unease, video game controllers confusion, keyboards can break sweats, and sound boards cause general queasiness. The amount of control we're talking about giving people could give a healthy man a heart attack from thirty paces, assuming he understood what he was looking at. If all these options are ever going to become anything resembling control, we need a new way for people to talk to their devices. This is part two, the innovation of bridging the technological grand canyon between the tech heads and the common man.

For those seeking some serious linkage, might I suggest the Home Automation Index, a great site for generation one home automation systems. ePanorama (an excellent hardware hacker website) also has sections on Home Automation,Standards and Lighting Control. Theres also an index of prexisting standards on Home Toys.